Shelf System Cantilever - STRATUS Range

The STRATUS shelf system is designed for storing massive or complex-shaped and oversized objects, allowing safe storage and free access to them. The special arm system, as well as the lack of front columns, enables obstacle-free loading of items.

Shelf System


Free access to each storage location

Visibility of each stored product



Storage of objects without obstacles

Reducing expenses


Perfect for storage:

The structural components made of steel offer superior durability, while the final paint coating makes STRATUS range shelves the perfect candidate for both indoor and outdoor use.

The most OPTIMAL Storage System

The Cantilever STRATUS does not have a standard size, but rather, it is created according to the needs of each project. The metal shelf system of this type is specially designed for a diversified portfolio of products and can cover an extensive range of needs.

The Cantilever STRATUS shelf system allows for efficient and rational use of storage space.

Shelves from the STRATUS range are available in single and double configurations. The single configuration allows storage on one side, while the double configuration allows storage on both sides.

RAL 2008

Light Red-Orange

RAL 1015

Light Ivory

RAL 2001


RAL 2004

Light Orange

RAL 9001

Cream White

RAL 1018

Zinc Yellow

RAL 3000

Bright Red

RAL 3020

Saturated Red

RAL 5003

Sapphire Blue

RAL 5017

Saturated Blue

RAL 6018


RAL 6029

Mint Green

RAL 7012

Basalt Gray

RAL 7016

Anthracite Gray

RAL 7024

Graphite Gray

RAL 7035

Light Gray

RAL 7043

Traffic Gray

RAL 8017

Chocolate Brown

RAL 9005


RAL 9006

White Aluminum

RAL 9007

Gray Aluminum

RAL 9016


RAL 90180

Anthracite Copper

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